Anchor 2016 Class 10

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Two horns like a Lamb

Two horns like a Lamb

The following transcript comprises  the first few minutes of this Anchor 2016 Class 10 presentation by Pastor Stephen Bohr. I welcome you to this page and pray that you might find the videos in this series as enlightening and informative as I have found them.

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Pastor Stephen Bohr

Typically they knew what had happened to John Hus, we also read a statement about the condition that Hus was in when he was brought forth from prison.


It was a terrible sight and we need to understand that at this point Hus had not even had a trial, but we’re also told that after Hus was cleaned up when he was brought

forth from prison, he was taken before a religious court, and we need to understand that this is a religious court.


The state is still not involved, all of the individuals that are present are religious magistrates, and I read from the book Hus the heretic page 28.


Two horns like a Lamb

Two horns like a Lamb

“With the clock striking 8 and the bells tolling, the procession of bishops, cardinals, fathers and deputies moved towards the church, (where’s that trial going to take place? In the church.) where a chair had been placed for Hus about which the seats of the gentlemen were arranged.”


Two horns like a lambForty seven charges were read against Hus none of them involved a violation of civil law, all of the accusations had to do with the convictions of his conscience, not following the teachings of the church.


We are told by Poggius that those who were present when Hus tried to defend himself shouted; much like the Jews had done at the trial of Christ. It’s interesting to notice that when the shouts subsided somewhat Hus speaks some very significant words and I want you to notice these words in the light of what we’ve studied already.

Two horns like a Lamb

“God gave to Peter, his disciple, the key to open all hearts, and the heaven of faith with it, but not the sword, (notice Jesus did not give Peter the sword, which sword is this talking about; did Jesus give Peter the sword of the Spirit? Yes, but what sword is this, the sword of civil power, but not the sword to slay as) you slay all those who do not accept your worldly doctrines and who evade them.”


What is the issue? The worldly doctrines of the church!


So then the vote is taken as to whether Hus is guilty or not, thirty one of those church dignitaries that were present voted that Hus was not guilty, eleven voted that he was guilty and they said that he should be excommunicated, but forty five of those present voted that Hus was guilty and that he should die; but the problem is the church could not execute the death penalty.

As a church they could not do what they wished to do: Does that sound familiar? Remember what happened in the Gospels with Jesus Christ, they needed the help of the Emperor.