Freemasons and the Founding of America

secret founding of america

The secret society of the Freemasons has its roots which originate from before the time of King Solomon, and they have, since the establishment of the Jesuit order in 1540 come under the influence, and absolute control of the order of Loyola. It enshrouds itself in utmost secrecy, even amongst its own membership, and there is more to this mystical system than meets the eye, it is called Freemasonry, it is a religion, but the religion of this system is of an esoteric nature, and it is guarded even from its own membership. All members of the Freemason’s at the entry, and lower levels are lied to and mislead, and it is not until any member works their way to the very top levels of this system that this fact reveals itself, evidence to support this claim is given by the quotes further below. secret founding of america

secret founding of america Carl ClaudyA quote from Masonic author, Carl Claudy:

“Cut through the outer shell and find a meaning; cut through that meaning and find another; under it, if you dig deep enough, you may find a third, a fourth — who shall say how many teachings?”

Freemasonry is a worship of Lucifer, at the very top levels of Masonry. You can spot evidences of Satanism all over the world. There are numerous Masonic/Satanic symbols which originate from this secret society which is sometimes called, “The Brotherhood of the Serpent/Snake.” Many call it “Big Brother” without even realizing its sinister origins.

The apostle Paul tells us that Satan masquerades as an angel of light:

And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14).

One example whereby Satan shows himself to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing is the culture of secret societies which claim to have illumination, or supreme knowledge, but are in fact full of darkness and deceit. This Gnostic teaching inverts the truth, making Satan the god of righteousness, and our creator, the enemy. The following writers who are all proven Freemasons, or have connections with the Masons at the highest levels, attest to the fact that Freemasonry is Luciferian:  secret founding of america

“The Mysteries Of Magic’ by Eliphas Levi

secret founding of america Eliphas Levi“What is more absurd and more impious than to attribute the name of Lucifer to the devil, that is, to personified evil. The intellectual Lucifer is the spirit of intelligence and love; it is the paraclete, it is the Holy Spirit, while the physical Lucifer is the great agent of universal magnetism.” page 428.

The Book Of Black Magic’ by Arthur Edward Waite 33° (Download)

“First Conjuration Addressed to Emperor Lucifer. Emperor Lucifer, Master and Prince of Rebellious Spirits, I adjure thee to leave thine abode, in what-ever quarter of the world it may be situated and come hither to communicate with me. I command and I conjure thee in the Name of the Mighty Living God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, to appear without noise and without ….” page 244.   secret founding of america

The Secret Teaching Of All Ages’ by Manly Palmer Hall 33° (Download)

secret founding of america Manly P Hall“I hereby promise the Great Spirit Lucifuge, Prince of Demons, that each year I will bring unto him a human soul to do with as as it may please him, and in return Lucifuge promises to bestow upon me the treasures of the earth and fulfil my every desire for the length of my natural life. If I fail to bring him each year the offering specified above, then my own soul shall be forfeit to him. Signed….. { Invocant signs pact with his own blood } ” page CIV.  secret founding of america

‘The Lost Keys Of Freemasonry’ by Manly Palmer Hall 33° (Download)

“When The Mason learns that the Key to the warrior on the block is the proper application of the dynamo of living power, he has learned the Mystery of his Craft. The seething energies of Lucifer are in his hands and before he may step onward and upward, he must prove his ability to properly apply this energy.” page 48.

‘The Secret Doctrine’ by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (Download)

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky“Lucifer represents..Life..Thought..Progress..Civilization..
Liberty..Independence..Lucifer is the Logos..the Serpent, the Savior.” on pages 171, 225, 255 (Volume II)  secret founding of america
“It is Satan who is the God of our planet and the only God.” pages 215, 216, 220, 245, 255, 533, (VI)
“The Celestial Virgin which thus becomes the Mother of Gods and Devils at one and the same time; for she is the ever-loving beneficent Deity…but in antiquity and reality Lucifer or Luciferius is the name. Lucifer is divine and terrestial Light, ‘the Holy Ghost’ and “Satan’ at one and the same time.” page 539 (Volume?)

Albert Pike 33°

Albert_Pike_WWIII“That which we must say to a crowd is – We worship a God, but it is the God that one adores without superstition. To you, Sovereign Grand Inspectors General, we say this, that you may repeat it to the Brethren of the 32nd, 31st, and 30th degrees – The Masonic Religion should be, by all of us initates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian Doctrine. If Lucifer were not God, would Adonay whose deeds prove his cruelty, perdify and hatred of man, barbarism and repulsion for science, would Adonay and his priests, calumniate him? Yes, Lucifer is God, and unfortunately Adonay is also god. For the eternal law is that there is no light without shade, no beauty without ugliness, no white without black, for the absolute can only exist as two gods: darkness being necessary to the statue, and the brake to the locomotive. Thus, the doctrine of Satanism is a heresy; and the true and pure philosophical religion is the belief in Lucifer, the equal of Adonay; but Lucifer, God of Light and God of Good, is struggling for humanity against Adonay, the God of Darkness and Evil.” Instructions to the 23 Supreme Councils of the World, July 14, 1889. Recorded by A.C. De La Rive in La Femme et l’Enfant dans la FrancMaconnerie Universelle on page 588  secret founding of america
“Lucifer, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the son of the morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with it’s splendors intolerable blinds feeble, sensual or selfish Souls? Doubt it not!” Morals and Dogma page 321  secret founding of america
The devil is the personification of Atheism or Idolatry. For the Initiates, this is not a Person, but a Force, created for good, but which may serve for evil. It is the instrument of Liberty or Free Will. They represent this Force, which presides over the physical generation, under the mythological and horned form of the God Pan; thence came the he-goat of the Sabbat, brother of the Ancient Serpent, and the Light-bearer or Phosphor, of which the poets have made the false Lucifer of the legend.v  secret founding of america
The true name of Satan, the Kabalists say, is Yahweh (GOD) reversed; for Satan is not a black god, but a negation of God…the Kabala imagined Him to be a “most occult light.” Albert Pike, 33-degree Freemason and author of Morals and Dogma (Download)

The New Age teaching of the group of immortal Ascended Masters is known as the Great White Brotherhood who have their headquarters in Tibet.
The source of many of the occult organizations can be found in The Great White Brotherhood, including the Order of the Rosy Cross, Ordo Templi Orientis, and the origins of the Brotherhood stem directly from the Jesuit Order via the Bavarian Illuminati.  According to prominent occultists Elizabeth van Buren and Alice Bailey, the Brotherhood is led by Sanat Kumara (Sanat being a scrambling of the name “Satan”).   secret founding of america

The New Age movement’s symbols are essentially the same as those used by the Jesuit Order and Freemasonry, and we can trace their origins to Babylon and Egypt. Freemasonry uses the name “Solomon’s temple” to give legitimacy to their rituals, but the rituals are basically identical to those found in all pagan secret societies. Sol, Om, and On are the names of the sun god in Roman, Eastern, and ancient Egyptian mysticism respectively.   secret founding of america

Albert Pike tells us that ancient occultism is found in Freemasonry:
The Occult Science of the Ancient Magi was concealed under the shadows of the Ancient Mysteries: it was imperfectly revealed or rather disfigured by the Gnostics: it was guessed at under the obscurities that cover the pretended crimes of the Templars; and it is found enveloped in enigmas that seem impenetrable, in the Rites of the Highest Masonry.i

I pray that as time goes on that the people will be awoken from their slumber and will realise who the true enemy is.

All of these Masons praise Lucifer. It is the reason why we see Luciferian designs incorporated into Washington D.C. buildings and the city layout.  secret founding of america

Freemasonry is Satan’s religion. It is the root of their control system, and like it or not, this system had a significant influence in the setting up of the Constitution, and the bill of Rights for the United States of America.

Framers of the Constitution:  secret founding of america

Signers of the Articles of Association: 10 confirmed Masons, 9 possible, 34 with no affiliation.
Signers of the Declaration of Independence: 8 confirmed Masons, 24 possible, 24 with no affiliation.
Signers of the Articles of Confederation: 7 confirmed Masons, 8 possible, 33 with no affiliation.
Signers of the Constitution: 13 confirmed Masons, 7 possible, 19 with no affiliation.
General Officers of the Continental Army: 33 confirmed Masons, 15 possible, 26 with no affiliation.
George Washington’s Aides and Military Secretaries: 6 confirmed Masons, 1 possible, 22 with no affiliation.

So Who Were Masons?  secret founding of america

The list of Lodge members include George Washington, Robert Paine, John Sullivan, John Hancock, James McHenry, John Glover, Henry Knox, Jacob Broom, John Fitzgerald, Richard Montgomery, Gunning Bedford, Daniel Carroll, William Whipple, John Dickson, and Benjamin Franklin, among others.
Not unlike many Masons today, it’s very likely that a number of the founding fathers who were members of the Lodge failed to understand the spiritual significance of Freemasonry – principally that the Lodge is a universal melting pot of religions and mystical concepts. In fact, of all the accusations made against Freemasonry, this is one which the Lodge gladly promotes—religious universalism.  secret founding of america

Consider this statement from the Masonic Service Association’s publication, Universality of Freemasonry, “Masonry is not Christian; nor is it Mohammedan nor Jewish nor to be classified by the name of any other sect. The power which has held it together, the chemical which has caused its growth, the central doctrine which makes it unique, is the opportunity it affords men of every faith, happily to kneel together at the same Altar, each in worship of the God he reveres, under the universal name of the Great Architect of the Universe.”  secret founding of america

Today we would call this “inter- faithism”—a belief that all religions are valid paths of truth and that collectively we can call on a “higher power.” As previously stated, this does not necessarily mean that each of the founding fathers who were Masons recognized or understood this. Some of the founding fathers who were Masons went on to do great work in promoting the Bible and Christian values. Conversely, others may have understood and embraced Masonry’s universalism.

This Video Playlist  secret founding of america

The videos on this playlist provide a fair and balanced representation of the story of the establishment of the colonies, and of the events, and the process of incorporation, of which it truly was, an “Incorporation”.

Videos 1 through 5 were produced by Chris Pinto at Adullam Films. Chris has been responsible for a number of excellent works including my favourite Bible series  “A Lamp in the Dark”   “Tares Among the Wheat”  and his latest in the series “Bridge to Babylon”

Please check out Adullam Films Here for this series, and many other great productions.

Video 1: Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings vol 1 The New Atlantis

The new atlantasThe greatest “Whodunit” of the past 500 years! Secret Mysteries takes the mystery out of America’s history. This video unfolds the fascinating history behind the founding of America, and exposes the esoteric underbelly of its design. Why is Washington D.C. build on the 77th Meridian? Are the Revolutionary War cities really built in perfect alignment with Stonehenge? If America was founded as a Christian nation, why are many of its symbols, buildings, and monuments based on Pagan traditions? There is no doubt that much of America’s national heritage was Christian, but just as a coin has two sides, our national heritage has a second side — one based squarely on occult secret societies and their values.

To find the answer to these questions, we follow the journey of secret societies from England to the New World and learn of their ancient hope: to rebuild the lost empire of Atlantis.

In the 16th century, Sir Francis Bacon was at the helm of the secret societies in England. When Bacon penned his classic work, ‘The New Atlantis’ he believed that America and Atlantis were one and the same. He outlined his vision for the perfect society, and some suggest the program he set forth has been the driving force behind the course of modern history. While he did not originate the concept, it was Bacon who articulated an ancient plan to be carried out by all the secret orders. As Chief of the Rosicrucians and the first Grand Master of modern Freemasonry, Bacon sent his followers to the new world. A 1910 Newfoundland stamp with his image upon it reads, ‘Lord Bacon: the Guiding Spirit in [the] Colonization Scheme.’ Because of his influence, Francis Bacon is considered by some to be ‘the real and true founder of America.’ For centuries, controversy has surrounded this figure who is said to be the illegitimate son of Queen Elizabeth I, and secret author of the Shakespeare plays; the man whom Thomas Jefferson considered one of the three most influential men in history.  secret founding of america

Is it possible that Bacon’s vision guides America today?

Where The DaVinci Code meets National Treasure: Learn the incredible secrets of the esoteric traditions, hidden within the manifold layers of signs and symbols in our nation’s infrastructure. Find out why some believe that from ancient times America has been chosen to fulfill a secret destiny.

Video 2: Secret Mysteries of Americas Beginnings vol 2 Riddles In Stone

Riddles in StoneRiddles in Stone: The Secret Architecture of Washington D.C. explores the highly controversial subject of the design of America’s capital. Was the city built to reflect the majesty of America’s newfound freedom? Or the hidden agenda of secret societies? With every major cornerstone laid by Freemasons, was the city built in a Masonic pattern?

Embark upon this incredible journey as Riddles interviews experts on both sides of a heated debated. Watch as Freemason apologists defend some of the most direct and hard-hitting questions concerning the influence of Masonry in America, and its symbolism in Washington, D.C. Alongside them are leading researchers who maintain that occult architecture permeates the city, and conceals a secret agenda.  secret founding of america

Is there really a pentagram in the street layout north of the White House? Does a Masonic square and compass extend from the Capitol building to the Washington Monument? And why is the city filled with Zodiac symbols, mysterious faces and various god and goddess images? If America was founded as a Christian nation, where are the images of Jesus Christ? Or is it possible that Washington D.C. symbolizes another Christ, the Masonic Christ? Find out, in this bold and sure-to-be controversial documentary!
Check out Chris Pinto and his work at for this series on America’s settlers and much much more.

Video 3: Secret Mysteries of Americas Beginnings vol 3 Eye of the Phoenix

Eye of the PhoenixModern masonry claims that the all-seeing eye floating above the pyramid is not a Masonic symbol. But what did Freemasons President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his Masonic Vice President, Henry Wallace, believe when they attached this symbol to our currency in 1935?

How were these American leaders influenced by the Russian mystic, Nicholas Roerich? Does the all-seeing eye represent the Masonic Christ? Was the eagle originally a phoenix bird? And what do all these occult symbols mean?  secret founding of america

Follow the journey of the Secret Mysteries series as we unveil their influence through the 20th century. Many believe that the real purpose of the many “Wars and Rumors of Wars” has been to establish a commonwealth of nations to rule the whole world. With the North American Union on the rise, is America the victim of deception? Or is she THE instrument of Global Government?
Check out Chris Pinto and his work at for this series on America’s settlers and much much more.

Video 4: The Hidden Faith of The Founding Fathers 2010

The hidden faith of the founding fathersThe Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers is perhaps the first and only documentary to go where no film has ever gone before, confronting the little known beliefs of America’s founders. Conservative Christian leaders often claim that the revolutionaries were godly men who were trying to build a Christian nation. But was their faith the true faith of the Bible? Or is it possible that the exact opposite is true?  secret founding of america

The real questions are: What did the founders believe about Jesus Christ? Christianity begins with faith in the Person of Christ Himself: what did the founders think of Him? What did they think of the Gospel? Were they fighting for Christianity, or against it?

Included in this movie:

1) The faith of Thomas Paine – the man who inspired the American Revolution, and the writing of the Declaration of Independence. This film shows how Paine’s influence over the Revolution was critical, while his anti-Christian writings revealed much of what the other founders truly believed.  secret founding of america

2) The faith of Thomas Jefferson — author of the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson said the Book of Revelation was “the ravings of a maniac” and that the teachings of Jesus and the Apostles were full of “imposture” and “stupidity.” After his private papers were published, he was called “the reviler of Christ” by a leading clergyman.

3) The faith of Benjamin Franklin — the only man to sign all of the original founding documents. Franklin was part of a radical occult group known as “The Hellfire Club” in England that took part in satanic rituals, which may have included human sacrifice. Shortly before he died, he openly stated that he did not believe the Gospel.

4) The faith of John Adams — the second President of the United States. The evidence shows that Adams was no Christian at all, but rather exalted pagan beliefs about God, while abhorring the Gospel, calling it an “awful blasphemy.”

5) The faith of George Washington — known as “the Father of our country.” Three of Washington’s own pastors doubted his faith in Christ. Proof is shown that he went to war, not for Christianity, but for a “universal” system that would embrace all religions. When compelled by the clergy to confess his faith in Christ, Washington refused.

6) Washington & the Jesuits: Generally unknown is the role of Rome and the Jesuit Order in the American Revolution. Powerful historic evidence shows that George Washington worked with Jesuits to prevail against their common enemy, England. This information is ground-breaking and documented beyond any doubt.

7) Bartonian History: we confront David Barton’s fabled view of American history, giving examples (including his appearance on the Glenn Beck program) of how he misquotes the founders to make it appear as if they supported Christianity, when it is provable that they did not.

8) The Question of Freemasonry: Also included is an expose of David Barton’s book on the role of Freemasonry, contending on key points against his assertion that Masonry played no significant role in the founding of the country.

9) Biblical World View: Confronts the idea often suggested that the founders were “deists,” or “agnostics” – whereas, according to the Bible, they were antichrists.

Video 5: The Power Behind The New World Order-Committee of 300

Commitee 300Produced by Paul  Flynn at Megiddo films which is a Christian film and research ministry, they can be found at
Check out their website for information on the true object of worship for the Roman/Jesuit controlled secret societies..