False Flags

False Flag operations are an implementation of the ‘Hegelian Dialect’

The Hegelian Dialectic Explained

The Hegelian Dialectic is a mechanism implemented by Pseudo Governments and other powerful forces to modify public opinion, in order to bring about a desired and sought after change in public policy.

Simply put: A problem is created. This problem “Has a pre-determined solution”. This solution is then forced upon the public as the best, and most often the only answer to the crises, and with public acquiescence, it is then implemented as the only option of choice for the “manufactured problem”.  False Flags

Almost all major events in history employ the Hegelian Dialectic of: “Problem-Response-Solution”

Problem – Manufacture a crisis, or take advantage of one already in place.

Response: The desired public outcry, Public demands a solution.

Solution – Pre-determined solution Is implemented: No Public Debate.

For example:  False Flags

False flagsCreate a Problem: Bring down the World Trade Centre buildings and Point the finger at the Muslim Jihadist’s.

The expected Response: Public outcry: Save us from the “Terrorist’s”

Pre-determined response: Attack other Sovereign Nations. Implement Patriot Act’s, Usurp the Liberties of the people. Sign Agenda 2030 protocols.

“In the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses…more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.
“Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying.”  False Flags
(Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Vol. 1, Ch. X.)

Today the dialectic is active in every political circumstance that requires the taking sides. It is in environmentalism instigating conflicts against private property owners, in democrats against republicans, in greens against libertarians, in communists against socialists, in neo-cons against traditional conservatives, in community activists against individuals, in pro-choice versus pro-life, in Christians against Muslims, in isolationists versus interventionists, in peace activists against war hawks. No matter what the issue, the invisible dialectic aims to control both the conflict, and the resolution of the differences. And it leads everyone involved into a new cycle of conflict.  False Flags

What is the Agenda? Total One World dominion by a One World Socialist Fascist Dictator.

Lets begin with a ‘New World Order’, and sell that concept to the people via the inception of big government, and then “World Government”.  False Flags

But what is the best way to sell “Big Government”; and then “World Government” to a people like ours:
Historically devoted to an ‘Independent Republic with Limited Powers’?  False Flags

The answer is simple: in revolutionary literature the tactic is known as ‘pressure from above and below’, it’s the strategy that Colonel House laid down in his book “Philip Dru Administrator” deliberately create problems and then offer only those solutions that result in the expansion of government.

Create conditions so frightful at home and abroad that the abandonment of personal liberties, and national sovereignty, will appear as a reasonable price for a return to domestic tranquility and world peace.  False Flags

If those who seek world dominion can stimulate leftist mobs into violent confrontation with local law enforcement, and also provide exhaustive news coverage so that the entire nation can see, and tremble; then the peaceful and freedom-loving majority can be programmed to accept a vast expansion of government powers, and even a national police force offered supposedly to end the violence. If those who seek world dominion can raise the specter of an enemy armed to the teeth with superior atomic weapons on the verge of launching a nuclear holocaust, and also offer ‘World Government’ as the prevention. Then millions of Americans can be programmed to accept the loss of national sovereignty as our last, best hope for peace

This is the meaning of pressure from ‘Above and Below’. To put over ‘Police State Measures’ at home they need chaos, crime, and anarchy in the streets. To sell the idea of World Government, they need the constant threat of nuclear war: For, as they say in revolutionary circles, “The Real Action; is in the Reaction”.  False Flags

In 1968 Random House Incorporated published this book by James Kunen “The Strawberry Statement: Notes of a College Revolutionary” Kunen carries the usual new left credentials and is a classic example of the extent to which a highly intelligent mind, can be programmed by the establishment into thinking that it is acting against the establishment.
Kunen was one of the leading participants in the first student seizure of an American University, which occurred at Columbia in April of 1968.

Initially the movement was not large, and easily could have been stopped by a simple police action, but as usual the anti-establishment forces receive their greatest help from the establishment itself. For several days police were told not to interfere, meanwhile university officials groveled in the face of outrageous propaganda charges; and the media made national heroes of the rebuilding student, MGM even made a movie out of Kunen’s book.  False Flags
On page 130 Kunen wrote;

“In the evening I went up to the yield to check out a strategy meeting. A kid was giving a report on the SDS convention. He said that, at the convention men from business international round tables, ‘the meeting sponsored by business international; For their client group, and heads of government’, tried to buy up a few radicals. They offered to finance our demonstrations in Chicago, aand we were also offered Esso, or Rockefeller money.
They want us to make a lot of radical commotion so they can look more in the center, as they move to the left.”

Jerry Kirk, while a student at the University of Chicago was active in the SDS, the Duke Boys Club, the Black Panthers, and the Communist Party. In 1969 Mr Kirk broke from the party, and the following year testified before the House and Senate Internal Security Committees.  False Flags

Here is what Mr Kirk has told us:

Young people have no conception of the conspiracy strategy of ‘pressure from above and pressure from below’. They have no idea that they’re playing into the hands of the establishment they claim to hate.”

The radicals think they’re fighting the forces of the super rich, like Rockefeller and Ford, and don’t realise that it is precisely such forces which are behind their own revolution, financing it, and using it for their own purposes.  False Flags

When Stokely Carmichael was head of the militant revolutionary group known as ‘Snik’, he was invited to speak at the University of Chicago. Jerry Kirk, then still a black panther was among those who attended; and here’s how he described Carmichael’s appearance.

“Mr Carmichael was obviously in the middle of something rather important, which made him more nervous and more tense than in the past. He started speaking of things which he said he could not have said before, because his research was not finished. He spoke of the false consciousness of many blacks who believed the Jews were the instrument of oppression of blacks, and he made note of the fact that even though many Jewish people for example in New York, own quite a bit of land. One must understand that the overwhelming percentages of mortgages in Harlem was owned, not by Jewish people, but by Morgan Guarantee Trust, the Morgan family, and Chase Manhattan Bank: The Rockefellers.”
“He repeated the line from the song he liked so well ‘Something is happening here, but you don’t know quite what it is do you mister Jones?’
What he was getting at, was that the Jews were simply one strata of society, who, are themselves being oppressed by people who are much richer, and much more powerful.”

In the agencies of this power, he cites banks, the chief among which were Morgan Guaranty Trust, and Chase Manhattan, and the Foundation’s connected with these monoliths.  False Flags

It was not long after this that Stokely Carmichael, mysteriously was ousted from both ‘Snik’, and the Black Panthers, apparently he had learned too much.

More and more, young radicals are beginning to wake up to the fact that their entire lives have been carefully programmed by the very people who are their hate symbols. They’re beginning to realise that their so called anti-establishment outlook, actually is the calculated product of the establishment press, the establishment communications media, the establishment entertainment industry, and the establishment schools.

Rich man’s corporations publish and popularise revolutionary books and songs. Through advertising, rich man’s businesses subsidise revolutionary magazines.  False Flags

Rich man’s tax exempt foundations pour millions of dollars into left-wing organisations, the federal establishment in Washington, through agencies like the OEO provide weekly paychecks to thousands of hard-core revolutionaries.

And so we return again to the basic question;

Why: why does the establishment publicly condemn, but privately support the anti-establishment movement?

Former communist Jerry Kirk answers.

“The idea is to create a situation where the people are so frightened of the violence all around them, that they will throw their hands up in the air, and demand Federal Government do something. And the only choice open,will be Martial Law.”

The communists, black militants, and revolutionaries will never succeed in overthrowing the government of the United States, but unless they are stopped, they will scare the American people into accepting socialism from Washington, and status, “Ruled by the insiders of the establishment”.
“This is what it is really all about.”