Emerging spirituality

Emerging Spirituality

Emerging spirituality

I am instructed to speak plainly. “Meet it,” is the word spoken to me. “Meet it firmly, and without delay.” But it is not to be met by our taking our working forces from the field to investigate doctrines and points of difference. We have no such investigation to make. In the book Living Temple there is presented the alpha of deadly heresies. The omega will follow, and will be received by those who are not willing to heed the warning God has given.  Emerging spirituality
Our physicians, upon whom important responsibilities rest, should have clear spiritual discernment. They are to stand constantly on guard. Dangers that we do not now discern will soon break upon us, and I greatly desire that they shall not be deceived. I have an intense longing to see them standing free in the Lord. I pray that they may have courage to stand firm for the truth as it is in Jesus, holding fast the beginning of their confidence unto the end.— Selected Messages Vol. 1, pg. 200  Emerging spirituality

Emerging spirituality Steve WohlbergThe video presentations on this page are brought to you via Operation Iceberg which is a self-supporting ministry of church members who embrace the historic teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist movement, and believes the message of the present truth of: Who is Jesus? Where is He? What is He doing? and Why is He doing it? must be preached though the heavens may fall. The ministry believes the Seventh-day Adventist church is the remnant church as proclaimed in Revelation 12:17, and believes there is not to be another “calling out.” However, Operation Iceberg does recognise many layers of apostasy within the movement that need to be handled firmly and fairly so that those who are deceived might be redeemed back into the fold.

Thus, Operation Iceberg’s aim is to teach and share the historic and present truths, while at the same time expose heresy and aberrant teachings that threaten to undermine the historic faith. The ministry is ultimately dedicated to helping earth’s final generation get ready for the close of probation and the LORD Jesus’ second advent.  Emerging spirituality

Please visit the operation Icebergs website and find out for yourself all that you can regarding this modern day manifestation of Pantheism, which comes to us in these days in many disguises, and various names clocked in garments of deceit, and desiring to lead you into dangerous waters.  Emerging spirituality
Emerging spirituality Stephen BohrThere are many good Pastors and speakers in these presentations who are sounding the trumpet as a clear and distinct warning to the SDA church proper. I might also recommend that all members of other Church denominations that are interested in watching these seminars do so as it is not just the SDA Church which stands dead center in the eye of this storm, but all churches are succumbing to the deadly influences of this new age phenomenon.  Emerging spirituality

The first Seminar was filmed in October 2014 in Sacramento Central SDA Church, and the second event was brought to us by Secrets Unsealed at an event called the Emerging Spirituality Summit, and was published in December 2015  Emerging spirituality