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David Assherick

People are looking for them. Few seem to have them, and many are becoming increasingly cynical about whether or not real answers even exist. What is true and how can we know for sure? These are good questions. Fortunately, there are answers and those answers are found in what many would consider to be an unlikely place: the Bible. The Bible? YES, the Bible! Discover prophecy

Well how can we know the Bible is true? Come on a journey with us as we DISCOVER the answers. Come journey with us as we Discover Prophecy. It will be the journey of a lifetime, a journey of monumental, amazing, and startling discoveries. Yes, the world is falling apart at the seams, but the Bible – God’s Word – has answers which do not fail. Amazing answers… Come and see…  Discover prophecy
This powerful series will give you the “big picture” of the Bible and show the true existence of God and His plan for your Salvation and His soon return. Follow along with your Bible and you will understand the Bible Truths and prophecies as never before after participating in these powerful presentations. Discover prophecy

This is an excellent series focusing on the prophecies in the apocalyptic books of Daniel and the Revelation. This series shows the viewer without any shadow of doubt who the Anti-Christ is, and answers many questions that are foremost on the minds of people with respect to the end time prophecies. With the use of sound Biblical study principles and keeping scripture in context,  allowing the Bible to interpret itself you will find clear and concise answers to questions that seem to have eluded man since the beginning.   Discover prophecy

The real bonus for me was the addition of information that I had not previously been aware of, for example the colour, and type of stone that the Ten Commandments were Written on by the very Finger of God. Make the time to watch this series, and trust in God and His Word. Not in man! Discover prophecy

David Asscherick who presents this series is a most enthusiastic speaker, full of life and energy. He captivates his audience and at no time will you be in doubt of the voracity of the information that he presents. This is a truth for truth Bible series and David brings the information to life. His love for God is obvious and is passion sincere.
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