Daniel and Revelation

daniel and revelation

Daniel and Revelation

daniel and revelation

This video presentation is a study of the Biblical books Daniel and Revelation, these are known as the apocalyptic books of the Bible, but this study is different to many other studies in that it includes a mandatory look at the Sanctuary, and the operations of the Sanctuary. This area of study is often overlooked when studying prophecy, and you will in no wise understand prophecy without a clear knowledge of this critical aspect of God’ plan for the redeemed soul.

Pastor Stephen Bohr gives this presentation and you will find a brief introduction of Pastor Bohr, and his ministry below.  daniel and revelation

Pastor Stephen Bohr is a Seventh Day Adventist Preacher who is Senior Pastor of the Fresno Central Seventh-day Adventist Church in Fresno California. He is President and head speaker at Secrets Unsealed which is a media based ministry.

Pastor Bohr’s ministry can be found here and his Youtube channel here 

Stephen BohrPastor Bohr is an avid writer who who has many free study resources on his website, and is also the author of the following books, “Worship At Satan’s Throne, Hidden Sabbath Truths, Prophecy’s Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Taken or Left?, Futurism’s Incredible Journey, and Esperanza Para el Planeta Tierra”.

Pastor Bohr was born in Wisconsin but grew up in Venezuela and Colombia where his parents were missionaries for 30 years, it is here that he met his wife, Aurora.  daniel and revelation

Pastor Bohr has a heavy speaking schedule which takes him around the country, as well as the world. He has a BA, MA, and MDiv, from Andrews University and his ministry is a reflection of his passion for Bible prophecy, and it is through his media ministry that he spreads the word globally.

Twice a year he teaches the class “Foundations of Seventh-day Adventist Theology” at the Amazing Facts College of Evangelism. As he grew up in Caracas Venezuela he is fluent in Spanish, and has a variety of topics available in both languages and is best known for his ground breaking series Cracking the Genesis Code, which is a result of 14 years of in-depth study and research.  daniel and revelation

In this video presentation Stephen Bohr explains the Three Angels Messages which are to be the final warning given to man in the book of Revelation. These warnings are to go to the world, and are of extreme importance for the salvation of the Christians in these final days in which we live.

The overall theme of this series are the prophecies of the books of Daniel and the Revelation of Jesus Christ, and Pastor Bohr is one of very few shepherds for our Saviour that give an honest and thorough study and presentation of the prophecies contained in them.

This is a must watch series for all those who trust in the Inspired Word, and who wish to know, or who wish to consider that the end times prophecies given to us by our Saviour are for our admonition, and for our understanding. daniel and revelation