Daniel Prophecies

Daniel Prophecies

This is a Seventh Day Adventist series on the Daniel Prophecies which was broadcast live by the 3ABN network.

Daniel PropheciesThis camp meeting series is focused on some of the most difficult prophecies from the book of Daniel. Be you an Adventist or not, this series will not fail to give the enquirer of prophecy new light. Many believe the Seventh Day Adventist Church to be a cult, but this label is mischievous and erroneous as this denomination has much truth, and you will do yourself a misjustice by vilifying any of Gods ministers without due jurisprudence.  Daniel Prophecies

We are in the days of the time of the end and there is NO Christian, or other church denomination that has not succumbed to the influences of Satan.

Therefore we must seek all available light that God has given us by His Holy Word, and prayerfully seek the light available from His faithful ministers on this earth.  Daniel Prophecies

It has been my finding that the Devil has indeed infiltrated the SDA denomination, (as he has ALL other Churches) but they still have many faithful ministers within the church that are true to our Savior, and true to His Word, and do their very best to bring the truth to all the sons and daughters of our Father in Heaven.  Daniel Prophecies

Many of the pastors that speak in this series have their own ministries, and upon investigation I believe you will find their teachings sound, true, and faithful to Holy Writ. Not to minimise any of the speakers but I have great confidence in the teachings of Pastor’s Stephen Bohr, John Lomacang, James Rafferty, Kenneth Cox, and John Bradshaw, and as such I have included many of their respective video presentations on this site.  Daniel Prophecies

Daniel Prophecies

Stephen Bohr

Website:  Secrets Unsealed

Youtube: secretsunsealed-featured






Daniel PropheciesJohn Lomacang

Website: 3abn

Youtube: 3abn Videos







Daniel Prophecies

James Rafferty
Lightbearers website: lightbearers

3abn James Rafferty website: James Rafferty series brings prophetic insights current events
Youtube: lscottro-featured










Daniel Prophecies

Kenneth Cox

Website: Kenneth Cox Ministries

Youtube: Kenneth Cox Ministries









Daniel Prophecies

John Bradshaw  Daniel Prophecies

Website: It Is Written

Youtube: It Is Written

Please take the time to watch this series and then investigate the various ministries of the respective Pastors and I’m sure you will not be disappointed. Daniel Prophecies