Anchor 2016 Class 1

Notes on Revelation 13

Anchor 2016 Class 1

The following transcript comprises  the first few minutes of this Anchor 2016 Class 1 presentation by Pastor Stephen Bohr. I welcome you to this page and pray that you might find the videos in this series as enlightening and informative as I have found them.

Please take the time to watch this series and also to secure a copy of the study notes as they will help complete the course structure.

The study notes can be obtained at Secrets unsealed by clicking the following link. ‘Secrets Unsealed’

Pastor Stephen Bohr

Welcome to Anchor number three, we’re glad you’re here, we have people from many different states in the United States, and we have two or three from foreign countries.

Anchor 2016 class 1

We’re glad that you’re here and we look forward to a great week of study together.

The first thing that we want to do before we have our prayer is to review our syllabus and take a look at what we are going to cover in this class.


Not everything in the syllabus will be covered; it would be impossible within the time constraints that we have for this class to cover everything in the syllabus. The syllabus is over 350 pages long so there’s no way that we can do that in 22 sessions, however, there are certain parts of the syllabus that are non-negotiable, in other words, we’re going to definitely cover those sections and I’d like to tell you upfront which sections we are going to focus on.

Anchor 2016 class 1

You’ll notice under number two in your index, where it says church and state, in Revelation 13 the background of Daniel 2.


That’s what we’re going to begin with this morning; and then the next one that we’re going to study the rest of the morning, and it might take us a little bit into the afternoon as well, is lessons from the Jewish harlot of Christ’s day.


That doesn’t deal directly with Daniel and Revelation although it gives us a lot of very important background into the prophecies of Revelation 12 and 13 that we’re going to be taking a look at.


Then we are going to go to study Revelation chapter 13 verses 1 through 10, this is the prophecy about the Beast, and so this section under (#4) ‘Comments on Revelation 13:1-10’, and then I will also take a few details from (#1) ‘Notes on revelation 13’, so we’ll study (#1 and #4 together)


Then the next thing that we’re going to study is Revelations land beast, this is the beast that comes up from the earth and has two horns like a lamb, and ends up speaking like a dragon.


We’re going to dedicate a significant amount of time to study about the land beast, then after that we are going to take a look at the image off, and too the beast. Too the first beast; and that’s going to take us a significant amount of time as well. Anchor 2016 class 1


Anchor 2016 Class 1I’m not sure whether we are going to be able to cover the number of the beast because of time constraints; however I have written a booklet on the number 666 which is available, and also the content of the booklet is found in your syllabus so I might make a few remarks about the number 666, but you have the full presentation there in your syllabus.


Then we’re going to go to (#9), that’s another non-negotiable, the mark of the beast; we’re going to pursue this from several different perspectives.


Then we’re going to go to page 207 which is changing the ordinance, that’s a very, very important study on the change of the day of rest from Sabbath to Sunday by the papacy. Then another non-negotiable is reflections on Daniel 11 page 239; that is a very important chapter for understanding Daniel 2, Daniel 7, revelation 12 and 13, so we are going to take a look at Daniel 11.


And then we want to cover ‘Decoding the Mysteries of Revelation 17’: This is a very difficult chapter when you isolate it from Revelation 12 and 13, but when you see revelation 17 in the context of Revelation 12 and 13; chapter 17 is not as difficult as people sometimes make it.


You know some individuals make it very, very complicated but it’s not complicated when you look at it in the background of Revelation chapter 12 and chapter 13.

Anchor 2016 class 1

There’s one other thing that I want to mention:  It’s not in your syllabus, it’s in the extra handout that you received, that is ‘Notes on Revelation 12’. We are going to insert those ‘Notes on Revelation 12’ between (#3) and (#4) in your syllabus, so you want to make a mark of that. We are going to insert the extra pages in your syllabus and in the presentations I will be mentioning pages that are consecutive to the syllabus, in other words those are extra pages but I am going to speak as if they have already been inserted in your syllabus; because there will be people that will be watching this presentations and if I say we have extra pages they’re going to get confused so those pages will be added to the number sequence in the syllabus when we get to that point.


So I wanted to make this clarification, we have a lot of material to study, I think it’s going to be exciting, we are living in exciting times, we are living, I believe at the last remnant of time and these are the extremely significant prophecies that we need to understand for this time.