Anchor 2016 Class 22

The Number of the Beast Part 2

Number 666

Number 666

The following transcript comprises  the first few minutes of this Anchor 2016 Class 22 presentation by Pastor Stephen Bohr. I welcome you to this page and pray that you might find the videos in this series as enlightening and informative as I have found them.

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Pastor Stephen Bohr

Welcome to our last session of anchor theology school 2016, it’s been a good ride hasn’t it? I’ve had a great time getting acquainted with many of you and seen the enthusiasm in the study of the Bible, and more specifically Bible prophecy.

Number 666

This afternoon we are going to finish what we started in our last presentation, and I would like to summarize and review to set the stage for the rest of the material that we’re going to take a look at.


There are five main points that I want to review concerning what we studied previously.

#1) The name of the beast is a blasphemous name, so we must look for a power that is guilty of blasphemy, and we notice that blasphemy in the Bible is defined as someone who claims to occupy the position of God, and someone who claims to exercise the prerogatives, and the works of God. So we have to look for a system in the world that claims to have God’s representative on earth, and so claims to work the works of God.

Number 666

Number 666

Number 666

#2) The number of the name of this power must be calculated based on the numerical value of the letters of the name; in other words the letters of the name have a numerical value, and so we have to look at the numerical value of the letters in the blasphemous name of this beast power, or of this system.


#3) We notice that the language that we have to use for the name as well as for the numbers is the Latin language because the beast represents the Roman Catholic papacy, which is a Roman power, and the official language of the Roman Catholic Church is Latin; so we must look for a name that is in Latin, and we must find the number equivalent of the letters in the Latin numbering system.


#4) We need to notice that; and this is just a review of the third point, but it’s somewhat separate and that is that the numerical equivalence of the letters of the name must be found in Roman numerals, and we must use the Latin language.


#5) And finally we must look for a system that is centered in man, in other words a system that all of its teachings and practices are not centered on God; they are centered on man, on human traditions. This is the reason why this system is called the man of sin: The little horn has the eyes of a man, we find in Revelation 13 that it has the number of man, in other words this is a system that depends on human wisdom and human power.


Now the second point that I want us to notice is a challenge that was launched by Roman Catholic apologist by the name of Madrid, and I read part of this challenge yesterday but I want read the entire challenge that he

launched at people to try and find a system that uses the name Vicarious Filii Dei.

This is what he wrote in ‘Envoy’ magazine which is a Roman Catholic magazine, the March April issue of 1998 he stated this.

If the person making this claim disputes these facts, (that is that the name Vicarious Filii Dei is not an official title of the Pope he says) ask him (he’s writing to Roman Catholics) ask him to furnish even one example of a papal decree, ecclesiastical letter, conciliar statement, or any other official catholic document in which the Pope calls himself, or is referred to as the “Vicar of the Son of God.” He won’t be able to find one because none exist.

Vicarious Filii Dei has never been a title of the Pope.

Number 666

So he launches this challenge, and he says let someone find any evidence that they can that the papacy has used the name Vicarious Filii Dei to refer to the Pope’s, whether it be a pope, or whether it be some other publication.

And in our study yesterday we found not only one line of evidence, but many lines of evidence, and I would like to mention those lines of evidence number 666and summarize them at this time.

  • We noticed that the donation of Constantine which was used by ten popes clearly uses the name Vicarious Filii Dei to refer to the Pope of Rome. It is used more than once in the donation of Constantine.
  • Then also we notice that in Grayson’s Decretals it is used, this is canon law of the Roman Catholic Church, in the 1100’s it is used there as well.
  • It is used also in this renowned Roman Catholic Encyclopedia ‘Prompter Biblioteca’
  • It is used by Cardinal Edward Manning as we noticed, three times in a book that he wrote in 1862.
  • It is used by pope John Paul II in his book ‘Crossing the Threshold of Hope’.
  • It is used also, and confirmed by Johannes Quasten, who, at that time in which two Seventh Day Adventist’s went to the Catholic University of America to interview him he confirmed that the title Vicarious Filii Dei is an official title that is used by the papacy.
  • Samuel bacchiocchi, who till the moment of his death was a Seventh Day Adventist who studied at the Pontifical Gregorian University, also states that the name was an official name of the Roman Catholic popes, he doesn’t agree that the name and the number 666 applies to the papacy, he says that it applies to rebellious humanity in general, but he has to admit that the name Vicarious Filii Dei is an official title that has been used by the Pope’s.
  • And then I found another interesting reference to Vicarious Filii Dei which is not in your syllabus, this was on January 11 1968. Pope Paul VI on that date gave a decree which elevated the prefecture of apostolic of Bafia Cameroon into a diocese. So in other words the change in status that would be kind of like a Seventh Day Adventist Mission becoming a conference. So it was a prefecture apostolic in Bafia Cameroon, and on that day Pope Paul VI gave a decree ascending it to a diocese.


Now I want to read the portion of the decree of Pope Paul VI, and I’m going to use the translation; I have it in Latin but I use the translation.


“As the Worshipful son of God’s vicar and caretaker to whom the eternal divine will has given the highest rank of the Holy Church.”


That’s the portion that I want us to notice, so he speaks of the son of God’s vicar, now in the Latin it says Dei Filii Vicarious. It’s not in the same order Vicarious Filii Dei, but they are the identical words in Latin, so the numerical value would be would be exactly the same, so Patrick Madrid offered a challenge for someone to find any evidence that the name Vicarious Filii Dei is an official title of the Pope’s, and we have not provided only one line of evidence, we have provided many lines of evidence showing that this is a title that has been assumed by Roman Catholic popes. But now we need to ask a question; was this inscription Vicarious Filii Dei ever found on the papal tiara.