Anchor 2016 Class 16

Decoding the Mysteries of Revelation 17 Part 2

Mother of Harlots

Mother of Harlots

The following transcript comprises  the first few minutes of this Anchor 2016 Class 16 presentation by Pastor Stephen Bohr. I welcome you to this page and pray that you might find the videos in this series as enlightening and informative as I have found them.

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Pastor Stephen Bohr

Welcome back,  we are going to continue our study of Revelation chapter 17; and what I’m going to do is review the last five minutes or so of our last session.

And then we are going to go into some new material, beginning at the subtitle that says the ‘Perspective of Daniel 11 verses 40 to 45’ in your syllabus.


Now let’s review what we studied from Revelation chapter 12: There we are told that the dragon persecuted the woman for 1260 years; but towards the end of this period the waters that the dragon was spewing out of his mouth were dried up by the earth. Is that the end of the story? No! Do the waters flow again?  Yes, because it says the dragon was enraged with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed.

 Mother of Harlots

 Mother of Harlots

 Mother of Harlots

mother of harlotsSo we have these three stages in Revelation chapter 12.

  • The 1260 years when the waters are flowing.
  • Then the earth swallows up the waters and they don’t flow anymore.
  • And then the dragon is enraged and the waters are flowing again to try and drown the remnant of her seed.


Now in Revelation 13 we have a similar scenario: We have a beast that ruled for 42 months; at the end of the 42 months it receives a deadly wound, did all of the heads receive a deadly wound? No! Only one of the heads was functioning during the 42 months. How many mouths were spewing out water in Revelation chapter 12? One mouth. Is that the same head, the head that has the deadly wound, and the same mouth that is spewing out waters during the 1260 years? Absolutely; and then we find in Revelation 13 that the waters are going to flow again aren’t they?


Because the beast from the earth is going to join with the beast from the sea, and there’s going to be persecution; people are not going to be able to buy or sell, and people are going to be subject to a death decree because they don’t worship the beast or his image or receive the mark.