Anchor 2016 Class 5

Comments on Revelation 13:1-10

Anchor 2016 Class 5

The following transcript comprises  the first few minutes of this Anchor 2016 Class 2 presentation by Pastor Stephen Bohr. I welcome you to this page and pray that you might find the videos in this series as enlightening and informative as I have found them.

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Pastor Stephen Bohr

You know in these studies I’ve tried to keep away from a lot of contemporary events because the contemporary events can change.

We can speculate whether this is going to be a fulfillment of prophecy, or that’s going to be a fulfillment of prophecy, but if we understand the biblical text, if we understand what the Bible is saying the scenario at the end is going to look like, then you know we can go from the Bible to what’s happening out there.

Anchor 2016 Class 5

So basically what I’ve dedicated my time to in preparing this syllabus is helping us understand the biblical text, the structure of Daniel and Revelation and how it points forward to what’s going to happen in the end time, and then each individual can kind of look at the scenario out there and determine how things are being fulfilled.


I think it’s important that people understand the content of Scripture, primarily, so basically what we have in the syllabus is timeless, in other words it’s not bound to any specific time period, it’s just basically a study of history and a study of the biblical text that allows us then to use that to explain what’s happening in the world.

Anchor 2016 Class 5

Now in our last session we were studying Revelation chapter 12, and we noticed that Revelation chapter 12 has three repetitive cycles, the first focus is on the child who then ascends to God and to his throne. The second cycle is when the dragon goes after the woman; and the third cycle is when the dragon goes against the seed of the woman, the remnant of the woman’s seed.


And yesterday when we ended our last session we were studying the second cycle in Revelation chapter 12, which is revelation 12 verse 6 that is repeated in Revelation 12 verses 13 through 16.


Anchor 2016 Class 5Do you remember that? 12:6 is like an introductory verse, and then later on in the chapter in verses 13 through 16 you have an amplification of the content of verse 6, and that comes through very clearly because verse 6 and verses 13 through 16 have the same basic elements: A woman fleeing to the wilderness; to a place, sustained by God in the same time period, so you know that it’s dealing with the same central theme.


Now what we want to do is go to page 36 on our syllabus, and I want to read here a few verses from Revelation chapter 12 so that we have these ideas clear in our minds before we go specifically to the syllabus.

Anchor 2016 Class 5

Revelation chapter 12, and I want to begin reading at verse 13.

“Now when the dragon (And what does the dragon represent? The dragon represents Satan working through Rome) Now when the dragon saw that he had been cast to the earth…”


When was he cast to the earth according to what we studied? Originally in heaven; and at the cross he was cast out right? John 12:32-33, also Luke 10:18. Jesus says I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. ‘Spirit of Prophecy’ tells us that that refers to the casting out of Satan at the cross.