Anchor 2016 Class 20

The Conclusion of Changing the Ordinance

Changing the Law

Changing the Law

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Pastor Stephen Bohr

‘Changing the Ordinance’, Let me give you some context as we did begin this lesson this morning in our last session.

Changing the Law

What we did was read Isaiah 24 verses 17-23 and we found that this is describing the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ, and then the last few verses are telling us about the fact that Satan and his angels will be bound, and the wicked will be bound by death during the thousand years, and then after the thousand years God will sit in Jerusalem, and on Zion and will reign gloriously.


And then we examined why the earth is going to be devastated in this way, and we noticed in Isaiah chapter 24 and verse 5 that the reason is threefold.

#1) Because they transgressed the laws

#2) they changed the ordinance.

#3) They broke the everlasting covenant.

Changing the Law

Changing the Law

Changing the Law

And when it says they; they’re referring to the inhabitants, that’s the antecedents. So the inhabitants of the earth have transgressed the laws, they have changed the ordinance, and they have broken the everlasting covenant. And then of course verse 6 tells us what the consequence is for the inhabitants of the earth breaking these three things that we mentioned.


changing the lawAnd the Bible says therefore the curse has devoured the earth, and those who dwell in it are desolate, and therefore the inhabitants are burned and few men are left. So the devastation of the earth is due to the defilement of the earth because of these three points that we have mentioned.


And then we started examining what the phrase that says ‘transgressed the Laws’ mean’s, and we noticed in Nehemiah chapter 9 verses 13-15 that when God came down to Mt Sinai; He spoke to Israel and He revealed to them, True Laws, Just Ordinances, and He also ordained at the same time God’s Holy Sabbath.


And we noticed that even though the word laws that is used there is the word ‘Torah’, which can apply not only to the Ten Commandments, but it can apply to other laws of the Old Testament, this cannot refer to the ceremonial observances that were to be kept only by Israel because God would not punish the world for violating ceremonial regulations that were nailed to the cross, so this must have to do with moral laws.