Anchor 2016 Class 14

The Mark of the Beast Part 2

Man of sin

Man of Sin

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Pastor Stephen Bohr

If you say to Roman Catholics that their church demands worship; they will tell you “we don’t demand worship, we don’t claim that the Roman Catholic Church is God.”

Man of sin


And my answer is simply that the Roman Catholic Church

claims the prerogatives of God, it doesn’t have to say we are God, but by claiming the prerogatives of God that’s exactly what the Roman Catholic Church is saying.

Let me give you the evidence, the clear evidence that the Roman Catholic Church, and the Pope’s in particular, and the priesthood claim to be God.

#1 In the Bible in 2nd Thessalonians 2:3,4, the man of sin, which is a prophecy about the papacy; it says that the man of sin sits in the temple of God.

Man of sin

Man of sin

Do you know what the temple of God is? It’s the church, you know every time the Apostle Paul uses the expression the temple of God, the nä-o’s of God, it refers to the church, so it says that the man of sin sits in the temple of God, claiming to be what? Claiming to be God; So if the man of sin is the papacy; and we dealt with that yesterday then we find clearly that he sits in the church and he claims to be God.


And if he claims to be God would he claim the right to be worshipped? Absolutely! Now let me give you additional evidence.


Man of sinPope Leo the 13th; in an encyclical letter June 20, 1894 said this, speaking about the Pope’s.


“We hold upon this earth the place of God Almighty.”

Furthermore; the Pope allows himself to be called the Holy Father, Jesus said call no man your father on earth, for there is one father which is your God in heaven.


So if he claims to be called Holy Father, is he claiming the prerogatives of God? He sure is, by the way that text is Matthew 23 verse 9. Furthermore, the Pope allows people to bow before him, Peter who supposedly was the first pope. When Cornelius came and bowed before him; what did Peter do? he says get up from there, I am a man, just like you are, that’s found in Acts 10: 25 and 26.


So, if the Pope allows people a bow before him, is he claiming the prerogatives of God? Yes he is; furthermore, does the papacy claim to have power to forgive sins, who only can forgive sins? God! Does the papacy claim to have changed God’s law, God’s day of worship; who only could do that? God! So is it claiming the prerogatives of God? Yes.