Anchor 2016 Class 9

The Beast, His Image and His Number

The Beast Number 666

The Beast Number 666

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Pastor Stephen Bohr

The first thing that we’re going to do is go through Revelation chapter 13 verses 11-18 and you will notice that I have inserted in brackets certain explanations in this passage,

The Beast Number 666

so I’m going to go through the passage, add those explanations, make a few a few remarks and then we are going to study in more detail all those aspects as we go along today.


So revelation 13 verse 11 reads


“Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.”

The Beast Number 666

The Beast Number 666

“Then”, (that means when the first beast receives its deadly wound) “I saw another beast coming up…”

The Beast Number 666The expression coming up is used, for example in Matthew 13 verse 7, it’s the word ‘ä-nä-bī-‘nō’ in Greek, and it refers to a plant that is just sprouting out of the earth, which means that this nation is going to be a nation that is just having its origin at that time, around the time of the deadly wound, and it says that it came out of the earth.

This is a different place than the first beasts, the first four beasts comes come out of the waters, out of the sea, but this beast must rise in a different place because it comes out of the earth.

And then we are told that “he had two horns like a lamb…”

Now, in the book of Revelation the word lamb is used a total of 29 times and I believe that in every reference the word lamb refers to Jesus Christ, at least in 28 of the references; indisputably, it refers to Christ, and here I believe that it is related to Christ.

It has to be because the word ‘lamb’ in Revelation refers to Jesus, but you’ll notice here that it says that he had two horns like a ‘lamb’, in other words there’s some Christ-like feature about this beast, but he spoke like a dragon, and as we’ve studied, and will also study today the dragon is a symbol of Satan working through Rome.

So somehow this beast is connected with Rome because the dragon attempted to kill the male child; That’s Satan, working through Rome, then that dragon beast gave its throne, its seat and authority to the sea beast, and it rules by the authority of Rome. So if this beast speaks like a dragon it must be speaking not only like Satan, it must be speaking like Rome. So this beast is related to Rome in some way.