Anchor 2016 Class 12

The Image of and to The Beast Part 2

Image to the Beast

Image to the Beast

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Pastor Stephen Bohr

By uniting church and state when our Constitution, the First Amendment to the Constitution strictly forbids the union of church and state.

Image to the Beast

We would like to deal with a few of those matters and answer that question in our session this afternoon, we want to go back to where we were when we ended our last session, and we noticed that the United States rose up providentially; in other words this nation didn’t simply arise because it fought with another nation, or by accident.


This nation was raised by God for a providential reason; and that is so that there would be a center from where present truth in these last days could be taken to the world, and that is exactly what has happened.

Image to the Beast

Image to the Beast

Now that we have covered the point of the providential rise of the United States.

I want to review some things about the two horns. The two horns represent civil and religious liberty, and behind that idea is the idea of two kingdoms in the United States, the church and the state.

image to the beast


Now much is being said in evangelical circles these days that Americans need to be patriotic, and they need to be Christian, and in order to be patriotic they say you have to have the government support religion through things like inscriptions on our currency, like school vouchers to send our kids to sectarian schools, like implementing school prayer in our schools, like having the government give us money for charitable choice, religious displays on government property.



You know they say that would show that you are Christian, and that you are patriotic at the same time, but as we have already seen; to separate the affairs of the church and the state is Christian, because that’s what Jesus did. He said “render to Caesar that which is Caesars, and to God that which is God’s”, so in order to be Christian you would have to have the same view that Jesus Christ had.

Now it is also patriotic to separate church and state, and you say why? Because the founding fathers of the United States separated church and state, and so it is patriotic, and Christian to believe in the separation of church and state. In fact it would be anti-Christian and anti-patriotic to unite church and state; because it would be contrary to what Jesus taught, and it would also be contrary to what the founding fathers taught.