Anchor 2016 Class 6

Revelation 13 Land Beast-Part 1

Revelation 13 Land Beast

The following transcript comprises  the first few minutes of this Anchor 2016 Class 6 presentation by Pastor Stephen Bohr. I welcome you to this page and pray that you might find the videos in this series as enlightening and informative as I have found them.

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Pastor Stephen Bohr

Welcome back folks, we have some exciting things that we still need to study about Revelation chapter 12 and then we are going to get into Revelation chapter 13.

Revelation 13 Land Beast

A very exciting chapter that’ll take us at least a couple of sessions, or perhaps a little bit more to deal with revelation 13:1-10, and then it’s going to take us two or three sessions to deal with the second beast of revelation 13.

The beast that rises from the earth, that has two horns like a lamb and ends up speaking like a dragon.

So we have a lot of study ahead of us, I trust that what we’ve studied so far has made sense, it’s been exciting to know that the Adventist Church folks has the correct biblical prophetic scenario, there’s no doubt about it when you look at the entire message of the Adventist church.

Revelation 13 Land Beast

Our method is vital to our message and our mission, if we ever forget our prophetic method we have no reason to exist as a church, and so it’s kind of distressing to see that there’s not much prophecy being preached these days in the Adventist Church.

Revelation 13 Land Beast

Okay let’s go back to our material where we are now on page 43. And here’s the question, you have an Old Testament Elijah which is literal, and local, then you have John the Baptist who is the New Testament Elijah, and that’s a partial fulfilment. And then the prophecy of Malachi chapter 4 says that God is going to send Elijah before the great and terrible day of the Lord; but then we noticed in our last study that you have the Elijah during the 1260 years, so the question is.


How is it that you have this Elijah during the 1260 years, how can that be the Elijah that comes immediately before the terrible day of the Lord, the dreadful day of Lord?


The answer is folks, that when the Papacy’s deadly wound is healed: (What began during the 1260 years will conclude.) The only difference is that there has been a respite, or a period that the deadly wound has been in place, in other words if this prophecy had been fulfilled consecutively, if there had not been a deadly wound then you would have had the dreadful and terrible day of the Lord.


But because you have this parenthesis, where there is a cessation of persecution, then, when the deadly wound is healed, the Elijah prophecy will pick up again; are you understanding what I’m saying?

Revelation 13 Land Beast

Revelation 13 Land BeastNow let’s pursue that, let’s go to Revelation chapter 6 verses 9-11, this is the fifth seal, this is the reaction to the period of papal persecution, and I want you to notice what this passage says.


“When he opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who have been slain for the word of God and for the testimony which they held.”


Now don’t get all hung up over the souls that are crying out under the altar, the word ‘soul’ in the New Testament actually is the word ‘psü-khā’’, and it is translated many times ‘life’. And the life of the man is in his what, according to the Bible? The life of the person is in the blood, so when it says here that the souls are crying out from under the altar it means that the blood of the martyrs is crying out for justice, because they’ve been slain mercilessly.


Probably the best illustration of this is in the story of Cain and Abel, you know when Cain killed his brother, God asked Cain. Where is your brother? And he said; I don’t know where my brother is, I’m not my brother’s keeper, and then God said. The blood of your brother Abel cries to me from the ground, so it’s the blood that’s crying out for justice.